Wednesday, 14 July 2010

This spring I have been mostly...

… designing shedloads of gig flyers! And moving house, and having various crises...

Below is a selection of flyers and a logo that I've made for local punk/ska/rock/psychobilly/indie promoter the Independent Creative Movement. If you just so happen to put on gigs and need some nice flyers designed (you never know!), then email me here.

Summer has been spooky jewellery shaped so far, I'll have lots of new designs and information about how I plan to achieve world domination (well, upcoming fairs and a little web shop) to post soon!


  1. I nominated you for one of these rather smashing awards. Well, I say smashing, the award itself is quite unpleasant looking and rather twee but I got one and now so have you.

    You can see where you were awarded it here:

  2. Why thank you awfully... an honour indeed!