Thursday, 17 March 2011

Punk 4 Japan

Hurrah! The 83-band monster compilation that is 'Punk 4 Japan' is complete! You can buy it here:

100% of the money you paid for this collection will be going to the British Red Cross disaster relief fund to aid those people in Japan affected by the recent, and very tragic, earthquake there.

Mega kudos to Dan @ the ICM for this idea and all the work that went in to making it happen so quickly. Good work boss.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Easily distracted

Ok, so I was going to sort the shop out when I got back from Bedlam Breakout, but have been distracted by do-gooding and am helping out with a Punk 4 Japan donate-to-download compilation... it's looking like it'll be ready to go soon, with the addition of a print-your-own CD sleeve courtesy of moi for those wanting to burn their compilation after downloading.

This is what the front cover'll look like:

I'll post the download details when we have em :) Then i'll do the shop!!