Friday, 30 April 2010

Attack of the 6ft Table!

... and Curse of the Sunny Weekend... and stuff...

Last weekend I embarked on another craft fair adventure with a stall at the Stour Space Designers Market. My table was a massive 6ft wide and I just about managed to make enough goodies to fill it. The market was a bit on the quiet side again, probably due to the lush weather, but I sold a few bits and bobs and all the stall-holders were selling lovely stuff so it was a good day.

My next crafty outing is booked already, i'll be at the monthly Jumble at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch on Sunday 9th May:

Click here for the facebook event page.


  1. With all that lovely stuff, did you spend more than you made?

  2. Too skint to spend owt sadly. Someone was selling the most amazing knitted cushions shaped as Bourbon and Custard Cream biccies - but for £70 each!! *Slightly* out of my price range :/