Monday, 23 April 2012

It's been a while... let's paper-mache stuff!

Ok so I know that my business cards and suchlike have the blog address on them, but recently I haven’t had much to write about so have just been putting smaller updates on my Facebook page. However, I do actually have something to blog about for a change today!!

One of the things I like about selling my own designs is the physical stall aspect and trying to think of cool ways to display my products, on a small budget! For instance, the ‘gravestones’ that I use to display necklaces and bracelets are pieces of leftover plywood found in my Dad’s shed, which he trimmed down for me so that I could paint and varnish them. And my ring display box is a plastic photo frame from a pound shop, sprayed glossy black and then stuffed with rolls of leopard print fabric (leftover from skirt that I made!).

I was pretty pleased with my most recent crafty display piece so thought I’d post a little how-to in case anyone was interested in trying something similar. I needed a space-saving way of displaying my embroidered coasters and patches – so coffin shaped boxes were the obvious choice!

I started with a small card box (this lasagne box was the perfect size for the items that I wanted to display), opened it out and drew out the shape of the coffin base in the middle.

I cut this shape out, leaving a couple of inches from the sides of the box to fold up to create the new sides.

Next, I re-attached the sides with masking tape, using quite a lot so that it wasn’t too flimsy.

Then got busy with some newspaper paper-mache! For the paste I used PVA glue thinned down with a little water. I put on a fair few layers on the inside and outside of the box to help it stay rigid once dry. And added a set of little handles for decoration.

Once the papermache was dry, I gave it a paint and a varnish and voila – shiny new coffin display boxes for my stall. I made them in two different sizes so that one can be neatly packed away inside the other.

Looking forward to my next adventures in paper-mache now... I feel some 3D gravestones coming on :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Finally Facebooked!

It's about time, I know, but I've finally made a facebook page for More Brains, Vicar? Please go like me here :)

In other news I've added a few more items to the Etsy page, and had a fabulous weekend at the Dandy Lion Market followed by the Hot Rod Rumble. The latter was somewhat soggy, but way less damp inside our gazebo of goodness...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Events and more events! (and some coasters)

Hooray getting busy with some more events over the next couple of weeks! :D
First up, tomorrow is the Dandy Lion Market in Highgate... it's a new crafty market and looks nice and eclectic so excited about that!

Next up the following day, i'll be hitting the road (or actually just getting on a train as we don't drive. boo.) with the London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op gang once more and pitching our gazebo at the Hot Rod Rumble in Kent. We have more arty participants this time so the gazebo will be crammed with creativity and booze! :)

This is our little stall at the Deadbeats Car Club Weekend Frenzy on the 28th May. The weather was a bit dodgy but we got there intact on public transport, drank our way through the drizzly spell and saw the awesome Devil Wrays and managed to catch a bit of the Daytonnas before having to catch the last tube back.

Next event on the list is the Haunted Tattoos tiki birthday party in Holloway next saturday the 18th, they've got bands, DJs and a special spooky cocktail to celebrate their 2nd anniversary, so I'm looking forward to it already! Here's the flyer:

And last but not least - I've put a few more items on the Etsy shop, including my hand embroidered coaster sets. Check the shop out here.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

If there was a prize for laziest blogger ever I might just win it!

Whoops I was too lazy to update the blog again! But there has been news and lots of shiny new things so here's what's been going on recently...

I've had my little stall of spooky goodness at a bunch of events recently, yet never get bored of repeatedly taking photos of it... so here's a few pictures from the recent ones...

The first photo is from the London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op event, the Kustom Klub, which I helped to organise... it went really well and we all had a great day, except for the slight hiccup of MojoKings not being able to make it due to illness, but our support band Drowning Sorrows stepped up and did a great job entertaining everyone along with our DJs. Here's some more pics of the rest of the event...

Myself and Clumsy Kate will be bring the LLKK goodness to the Deadbeats Car Club Weekend Frenzy in Rickmansworth this Saturday 28th May. I'll be selling my usual array of dodgy horror shiny things, and Kate will have some of her awesome 'Tattooed Wood' artwork and Jewellery. It's also BOTH of our birthdays on the day, so come check out our stall and buy things from us so we can fund our celebratory boozing!! ;)

Next on the list of news is that I've gone and got myself a stockist! The lovely folks at Haunted Tattoos on Holloway Road (North London) are now stocking a nice array of More Brains, Vicar? accessories which makes me very happy because they do beautiful work including lots of horror stuff so their customers clearly have good taste! I'm an idiot and forgot to take a picture of the MBV stuff in situ in the shop so you'll just have to go look for yourself!

I've also got loads of new jewellery to put on the Etsy shop, so expect to see that updated sometime this week. I'll post pictures of some of my favourite new additions on here while I'm at it too, honest! ;)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An update that's actually about jewellery!!

Hell yeah! There's jewellery based news for once! :)

So, the shop-within-a-blog thing is a bit of a pain in the neck, so I've ditched that for the moment in favour of an Etsy shop. I've put a bunch of stuff on there so it's mostly up to date, just a few more things to be added depending on what I sell at the weekend. Click here to get to the shop, or the banner at the top of the page.

This weekend is our highly-anticipated second London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op art and craft fair. As an organiser I'm probably a smidge biased, but I'm really looking forward to it and think it's going to be a belter :) Click on the flyer image for more details about the event:

And in the mean time, here's a couple of pics from my stall at Bedlam Breakout a few weeks back...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To celebrate mothers day I got crafting and made both my Mum and Step Mum floral (non-gory!) embroidered stuffs! My Mum got a hand made and embroidered purple leopard tote bag with rose and web motif...

And my Step Mum got a hand made and embroidered magnetic picture frame to stick on the fridge... :)
Right, enough of the flowers now back to the blood, guts and dead stuff...!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Punk 4 Japan

Hurrah! The 83-band monster compilation that is 'Punk 4 Japan' is complete! You can buy it here:

100% of the money you paid for this collection will be going to the British Red Cross disaster relief fund to aid those people in Japan affected by the recent, and very tragic, earthquake there.

Mega kudos to Dan @ the ICM for this idea and all the work that went in to making it happen so quickly. Good work boss.