Thursday, 9 June 2011

Events and more events! (and some coasters)

Hooray getting busy with some more events over the next couple of weeks! :D
First up, tomorrow is the Dandy Lion Market in Highgate... it's a new crafty market and looks nice and eclectic so excited about that!

Next up the following day, i'll be hitting the road (or actually just getting on a train as we don't drive. boo.) with the London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op gang once more and pitching our gazebo at the Hot Rod Rumble in Kent. We have more arty participants this time so the gazebo will be crammed with creativity and booze! :)

This is our little stall at the Deadbeats Car Club Weekend Frenzy on the 28th May. The weather was a bit dodgy but we got there intact on public transport, drank our way through the drizzly spell and saw the awesome Devil Wrays and managed to catch a bit of the Daytonnas before having to catch the last tube back.

Next event on the list is the Haunted Tattoos tiki birthday party in Holloway next saturday the 18th, they've got bands, DJs and a special spooky cocktail to celebrate their 2nd anniversary, so I'm looking forward to it already! Here's the flyer:

And last but not least - I've put a few more items on the Etsy shop, including my hand embroidered coaster sets. Check the shop out here.

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